About This Blog

In this blog page I am planning to share my knowledge about programming… Imma try to share so many useful things I hope…
Btw I missed WP so much, it seems it doesnt changed much since back then (ah as I mentioned WP I am thinking about to make some Content Management System project in .Net Core, just thinkin… this thinkin proccess takes a while sometimes but who knows.. 🙂 )

Anyway, I use plesk panel for the first time, it seems I can run .net core projects and also php projects wow thats super cool. Ive been using Cpanel from the begining but plesk seems kinda easier..

I opened this blog via WordPress and I am also running a forum (phpBB 3.3.10) in this server..

I guess I will keep using this domain and hosting for those kind of stuffs…

I will release my projects in some other domains, I hope you will love the projects that I made

See you soon again, thnx for readin


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